© Michael HallWe have arrived at a point where we must, each of us, do what we can to bring about a more sustainable future. We now find ourselves dangerously close to creating a world which may be unliveable for future generations.

It’s time we took a deep breath and stopped to think of the world we will be leaving behind if we continue on our current destructive path. Collectively we need to realise this gift of life we have been granted is not only about us but also for about those who will come after us.

This change we require will not come from governments or from big business. Governments by their very nature only think short term and big business has proven all too many times to be a destructive force on our planet.

This change we require must come from us as individuals. We must rise above the powers to be and fight for our right for a better, cleaner, sustainable planet.

Michael Hall 2013


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